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digital radiography processing course

Understanding Digital Radiograph Processing

These are six 20-minute mini-lessons that instructors can insert at selected points within their classroom instruction. The lessons also include slides with voice-over – The emphasis is on lucid graphic illustrations and demonstrations that students will not soon forget, and that make these often difficult subjects “click” for the learner. Below are the titles of the six mini-lessons and the important basic questions that each lesson answers:

Digital Processing: Part A

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1. Overview of Digital Processing

– What are the generic steps in all digital processing?

– How is the histogram constructed?

2. Histogram Analysis and Image Rescaling

– How do they magically eliminate fog, and adjust brightness and contrast levels to the correct levels almost every time?

3.Understanding Kernels and Unsharp Masking

– How do kernels work for detail processing and noise reduction?

– How does unsharp masking use subtraction to improve sharpness?

Digital Processing: Part B 

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4. Understanding Fourier Transformation

– How can a radiographic image be a bunch of waves or frequencies?

– How are these waves manipulated?

5. Understanding Frequency Detail Processing

– How is the image converted into the frequency domain?

– How does frequency processing work to improve image detail?

6.LUTs, Windowing, & Gradation Processing

– What really are LUTs, and how do they work?

– How does windowing work, and how does it relate to LUTs?

– How is the image finally prepared for display?

These mini-lessons are condensed from information obtained primarily from FujiMed, Philips Healthcare, and CareStream Health. The presenter is the author of the new textbook “Radiography in the Digital Age” and three other textbooks, (See the BOOKS section). He has 33 years teaching experience and has presented over 130 seminars for practicing radiographers in Canada and the U.S. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Correlation of “Digital Processing” Discs with Radiography in the Digital Age Textbook



The Causes of Digital Errors
Two lessons of 33 minutes each

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Part A:

1. Exposure-Related and Preprocessing Errors
2. Histogram Analysis Errors

Part B:

3. Detail Processing Errors
4. Misapplication of Postprocessing Features
5. Resilience of Digital Processing in Daily Practice

Patient Dose in Digital Radiography
Two lessons of 33 minutes each

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Part A:

1. Perceptions and Actual Trends
2. Exposure Indicators and Speed Class
3. The New Deviation Index

Part B:

4. High kVp, Scatter, and Mottle
5. Applying the 15% Rule to Save Patient Dose
6. Fluoroscopy and Current Issues
7. Impact of High Exposure Latitude

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Spatial Resolution in Digital Radiography
Two lessons of 32 minutes each

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Part A: Projection Geometry

1. Components of an Image Detail
2. Relative Sharpness and Resolution
3. Variables Affecting Spatial Resolution
4. Analyzing the Latent Image

Part B: The Digital Image

5. Pixel, Del and Dot Size
6. Matrix Size and Field of View
7. Direct Vs. Indirect Conversion and CR
8. Resolution on the Display Monitor
9. Effects of Image Compression

The Electronic Image: Display and Quality
Two lessons of 32 minutes each

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Part A: Display

1. The LCD
2. The Nature of Pixels in Display Systems
3. Dead and Stuck Pixels

Part B: Quality

1. Electronic Image Qualities
2. Quality Control of Display Systems

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Our mission at Digital Imaging Consultants is to provide audiovisual materials that help both radiography students and practicing radiographers understand how digital radiography works in a conceptual, easy-to-follow format.

    • digital radiography processing course
    • digital radiography processing course