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4 Disc Bundle Set

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Understanding Digital Radiograph Processing

Disc A

1. Overview of Digital Processing

2. Histogram Analysis and Image Rescaling

3.Understanding Kernels and Unsharp Masking

Disc B

4. Understanding Fourier Transformation

5. Understanding Frequency Detail Processing

6.LUTs, Windowing, & Gradation Processing

The Causes of Digital Errors 

Part A:

1. Exposure-Related and Preprocessing Errors

2. Histogram Analysis Errors

Part B:

3. Detail Processing Errors

4. Misapplication of Postprocessing Features

5. Resilience of Digital Processing in Daily Practice

Patient Dose in Digital Radiography

Part A:

1. Perceptions and Actual Trends

2. Exposure Indicators and Speed Class

3. The New Deviation Index

Part B:

4. High kVp, Scatter, and Mottle

5. Applying the 15% Rule to Save Patient Dose

6. Fluoroscopy and Current Issues

7. Impact of High Exposure Latitude


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